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If you’re coming to Elk Creek from Dry Ridge(Interstate 75) you’ll have to find an alternate route than Hwy 22. It will be CLOSED to fix a bridge (until November) Please keep this in mind If you are coming to visit us. If you need help finding the way CALL 502-484-4569 or message us on Facebook and we will reply back some alternate routes. Safe travels!



  • Recommended by Kentucky Governor Beshear, masks may be worn. A cloth mask is acceptable. You do not have to wear while shooting.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled time. Stay in vehicle and call the clubhouse, 502-484-4569. We will tell you which Window to approach on front porch of Clubhouse.
  • Once you are at the window, you will receive a zip lock bag with sanitized program card and controller. If controller is not necessary, you will receive a zip lock bag with Clorox to use to wipe down controllers at each station. We will sanitize the stations and controllers throughout the day. We will take payment source information at this time. Please note if there is more than one payment source. We need all of them.
  • After enjoying your day for sporting clays, please call 502-484-4569. We will tell you the designated area(s) for cart rentals, shotguns and where to return program card for reading and payment.
  • Clubhouse is closed. If you need to use the restroom facility, please let us know and one person at a time may go. We ample time to clean between uses.
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet apart at all times.


Updated Policy on Credit Card and Debit Card Payments

Effective January 1, 2020, a 2.9% convenience fee will be added for charges on all Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card payments to BDR Shooting Sports LLC in order to cover processing expenses. No convenience fees will be added on payments made by check or Cash.

Proud to be the host of:


TEAM UP WITH US! We will work along with your event planner to design a fun successful corporate and or charity event. Our event planning service is free! We want your event to be a memorable one where it will continue to grow over the years. Let’s schedule your event now for the 2019
calendar. Call Shadoe Perry at 502-484-4569 or email- Shadoe.perry@elkcreekhuntclub.com

Check out “Events” and “Shoot Schedule” to know what is going on!

If you bring your own Ammunition, please make sure they are 7.5 or 8 shot. Anything other than that will be asked to keep in your vehicle. All shells must be in boxes. When you get here, bring guns and ammo through the clubhouse for inspection. ALL gun barrels MUST BE 26″ inches and above.

If it is raining, NO GUN RENTALS will be rented. You can use your personal gun to shoot in the rain.

Family Owned and Family Run by the Rowe Family

World Class Sporting Clays Resort

Elk Creek Hunt Club is unmatched in its world-class sporting clays facilities. Three separate courses, one over water, offer 45 newly remodeled and paved sporting clays stations on 35 shooting fields which can be shot as 50 or 100 target rounds. Elk Creek evokes the thrill of hunting as 40 and 65 foot towers throw clay targets over natural cover and water simulating the excitement of wild gamebird flight. Elk Creek’s sporting clays courses are spread over 2,500 acre hunting preserve which also supports the best of upland field and woodland hunting. A fleet of golf carts is available for daily rental and adds comfort to your sporting clay experience.

Over 2 Million Sporting Clays Thrown Per Year

Elk Creek throws over 2 million sporting clays per year placing us among the top ranked clubs in the nation. You can count on our attention to detail in all aspects of the sport to help us maintain our position as the premier sporting clays facility in the region.

Sporting Clays Competitions

Sporting clays shooting has escalated to one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. Elk Creek Hunt Club and Sporting Clays Resort offers many regular events as well as hosting national tournaments for those who enjoy the stimulation of competition.