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Host of the 2023 Kentucky State Sporting Clays Championship



Elk Creek Hunt Club & Sporting Clays

World-Class Sporting Clays Resort

Elk Creek Hunt Club & Sporting Clays is unmatched in its world-class sporting clay facilities. The sport is described as “golfing with a shotgun”! We have three separate courses, offering a variety of different target presentations from novice to experience. Each sporting clay course can be shot as 50 or 100 targets per person. Each course consists of 12 to 16 stations with two to three traps per station. Our blue ridge course evokes the thrill of wing shooting, as our 65-foot tower throws clay targets over natural terrain simulating the excitement of wild gamebird flight. Our sporting clay courses and upland hunt fields are spread over 1,200 acres.  A fleet of golf carts is available for daily rental and adds comfort to your sporting clay experience.

Over 2 Million Sporting Clays Thrown Per Year

The club throws over 2 million sporting clays per year placing us among the top-ranked clubs in the nation. You can count on our attention to detail in all aspects of the sport to help us maintain our position as the premier sporting clays facility in the region.

Sporting Clays Competitions

Sporting clays shooting has escalated to be one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. Elk Creek Hunt Club & Sporting Clays offers many custom events to meet your family, friends, and business needs, we host monthly NSCA registered tournaments for those who enjoy the stimulation of competition.