There are 15 rooms on the property with three unique facilities that are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Add a Massage Package to your visit, or check out the Girl’s Night Out Package for more ideas to complement your stay.

The Lodge Cabin offers sitting areas that are perfect for guests who love to socialize and meet new people. The safari room features a big screen TV and pool table as well as a meeting space where all guests will enjoy a continental breakfast included with your stay. The rustic log cabin does allow sound to travel, so if you are looking for a private retreat we suggest you check out the Estate Rooms.

The Estate Rooms offer private rooms overlooking our Sporting Clay courses and vineyards featuring a queen size bed and private bath.

The Inn is a blue cape cod on the hill and offers 3 queen rooms and all the accommodations of a furnished house including communal areas for socializing.

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CALL FOR RESERVATIONS (502) 484-0005 – The lodging office is not a 24 hour office. Be sure to leave a message, so the lodge staff can return your call.