Shoot Schedule


Registered Shoots and Outings

Please Note: Unless you see CLOSED next to event, we will still have one to two courses open the day of event.

ATTEND ALL 5 REGISTERED SHOOTS (Blue writing) AND BE ENTERED TO WIN THE FOLLOWING: Pilla Shoot Glasses, Beretta A400, Custom E.A.R insta-molds and more…

2018 Shoot Schedule

April 20th- CLOSED TO PUBLIC (Outing)

April 25th-Outing

April 26th- Outing

May 11th – CLOSED TO PUBLIC (Outing)

May 17th- Outing

May 18th- Outing

May 19th- Outing

June 8th- Outing

June 9th and 10th- Beka’s Toppers (Registered Shoot)

June 15th-Outing

June 22nd- Outing

June 23rd- Ladies Day Out (Fun Event)

August 3rd- Outing

August 4th and 5th Beat the Heat (Registered Shoot)

August 11th- Fiocchi Fun Day

August 17th- Outing

August 30th- CLOSED TO PUBLIC (Outing)

September 6th- Outing

September 20th- CLSOED TO PUBLIC (Outing)

September 28th- Outing

October 4th- Outing

October 12th- Outing

October 18th- Outing

October 25th- Outing

November 17th and 18th- Big Gobbler Feast (Registered Shoot)